Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Today I am silent. I do not want to speak

My close friend Katie has entered the world of blogging! But her blog is different from any I have seen.

Zachary's Zoo is a window into an autistic brain. Katie's son Zac is nearly 8 years old and severely autistic. This blog is her attempt to get inside Zac's amazing brain and share what he is seeing, thinking, feeling. Zac has very little language of his own, so Katie is mostly saying what she thinks he might say, if he could.

Katie & her husband Ale are two of my closest friends and, at the risk of being gushy, I don't think Zac could ever want for more persistent, patient and loving parents. Because of their strength and commitment they have recently managed to get him a place in a school for children with severe learning difficulties - a major breakthrough in an underfunded and restricted education system.

Check out the blog and take a step into Zac's world....


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