Friday, January 19, 2007

happy friday!

It's been a long and stressful week.

I'm tired and moany.

And the trains are completely up the spout.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Ah, Ship of Fools...

Ah, Ship of Fools, that fab website for those of us Christians for whom the worldwide church is both a joy and (occasionally) an embarrassment.

I'm especially fond of the Fruitcake zone, as I believe our Good Lord would be:


Movie Reviews

Late summer (I think) last year, my best friend Sarah's mum, Jenny, had to have a very serious heart operation. We all rejoice that things went very well and now she is well on the road to recovery. During her recuperation, Jim and I lent her some DVDs to pass the time as she was basically told by doctors that she MUST NOT DO ANYTHING THAT MIGHT EXHAUST HER, and with a heart complaint, that includes pretty much any activity that you can't do from the sofa (and some you can).

Anyway, after she had watched some of them, we were very pleased to receive a little note to say thank you and offer her critique of the collection. So here are her thoughts...

Connie and Carla - this is the first film I watched. It cheered me up. Very entertaining.
Paycheck - Interesting. I like the way Ben Affleck used the contents of that envelope.
The Core - I like disaster movies. Very exciting in places...should be careful withmy heart racing away.
Cypher - I really liked this one. What a surprise ending! And I think Jeremy Northam is gorgeous.
The Thirteenth Floor - ?! What? Not a bad film but not suitable for a person with an infarct!!

Thanks Jennie. We look forward to more!


New Year's Resolutions...

Ok, rather late, I know. One of my (many, and now mostly broken) new year's resolutions was to use my blog more. I enjoy posting but always forget to do it.

Other resolutions included spend less, exercise more, pray more and, um... be better at stuff.

Anyway, here's an article I enjoyed recently (courtesy of Coz):

The Caucasian crusader rides again in 'Blood Diamond'
I'm looking forward to the film, but it helps to keep these things in context when you realise the questions about films that we often forget to ask.

I also went to see Apocalypto over the Christmas break - very, very gory. It could have been quite good if Mel Gibson would have resited going too far and dipping into the ridiculous. Giles Fraser makes some interesting observations here, although I'm not sure that I agree that the film can be branded antisemitic:

A Christian snuff movie that links blood with salvation,,1986514,00.html

Oh, and big congratulations to all the lovely couples getting married this year:

Sarah and Dave
Alice and Dante
Alice and Nick (different Alice)
Chris and Antonia
Dan and Alex (my husband's last unwed brother)

More to say, but I think I'll break it down into different posts.