Friday, January 09, 2009

Cindy McCain Claims She’s ‘Just Like Any Other Female Human’

Very funny

Cindy McCain Claims She�s �Just Like Any Other Female Human�

Some Christians make me think decidedly unChristian thoughts...

Atheist adverts reported to industry watchdog

Stephen Green and Christian voice are an embarrassment to Christianity - they don't represent me by any stretch of the imagination. What a wonderfully, tolerant, engaging and loving image they must be seeking to project...


Tuesday, January 06, 2009

It could be an atheist bus, but we're not quite sure

Slightly harsh take on the story in today's Evening Standard, but perhaps a fair one...

It could be an atheist bus, but we're not quite sure


Atheist buses to hit London streets today

British comedy writer Ariane Sherine is the brains behind the Atheist Bus Campaign, hitting London today.

I met up with Ariane just before Christmas to find out more. You can find my interview on the Methodist Web Radio page.

We spent a lot of time chatting and she's very cool. We agree on many issues and I can't help thinking she'd be an excellent Methodist spokesperson if it wasn't for that whole God thing...

Also check out the News Stories page for the Methodist response when the Campaign was announced back in October.



Monday, January 05, 2009

And now we're in the Daily Mail!!

Fears that gambling addiction will soar as ministers relax rules and double prizes of pub slot machines

Awesome first day back.

Maybe I'm just tired, but it's nice to be saying something important about issues that really matter.

I will now go to bed and stop all this silly web surfing. Have started purchasing random things online. We will soon be the proud owners of a 5ft bean bag. That's when you know you should have gone to bed half and hour ago...


Never thought I'd be a page 3 girl....

...but I don't mind when it's today's Times.

Jackpots and stakes doubled as gaming industry given boost by ministers

A great comment piece by an expert follows the story here...

Fruit machines could start a life-long addiction

Tonight, the wonderful David Bradwell made his first TV appearance, speaking on precisely this issue. It was on the BBC News channel and I nearly cried with pride.

Not a bad first day back at work for the New Year, considering I expected it to be rather less exciting.