Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Church leaders in Lincs speak out against BNP

Should have blogged about this last week, but with European elections looming and mainstream political parties losing public support, it's more important than ever.

Church leaders in Lincolnshire published this joint statement asserting that the policies and __ of the BNP are completely inconsistent with the teaching and example of Jesus Christ.

The leaders represent more than 50,000 Christians in Lincolnshire, North Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire across the Salvation Army, Methodist, Anglican, Catholic, Baptist, Independent and United Reformed Churches.

They said; "We cannot stand by when groups and individuals are maligned, misrepresented and singled out for verbal or even physical abuse.

"In a democracy it is even more alarming when prejudices founded upon country of origin, race or religion become part of a political platform, and are offered to the electorate for endorsement."



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