Friday, May 29, 2009

Euro elections frenzy!

Well, that might be over-egging it a bit, but it seems that everywhere I turn someone is talking about the upcoming European elections and the threat of the BNP gaining votes. Quite often it's a Christian spokesperson, but perhaps that's just symptomatic of the world I move in. Here's a quick run-down of some of the statements and comments I've noticed (admittedly some of them I helped to issue)...

Church dismisses BNP election posters

Churches urged to take action ahead of European elections

Church leaders in Lincolnshire speak out against the BNP

Church leaders in East Anglia have also made a statement, commenting that 'Christ calls us to love our neighbours as ourselves and in this forthcoming election we believe it is right to be vigilant about any party or individual candidate seeking to use people’s fears for their own well-being to stir racial or religious hatred'. (no weblink available)

Statement from Church leaders: vote next week, vote positively

The BNP cannot pick and choose the laws it will obey

Now for a confession. I have never been very enthused by voting at election time. Yes, I'm aware that women fought and died for my right to vote and am thus very ashamed to admit that I forgot to vote in the last general election. May shame be heaped upon me. BUT I have firmly resolved to give a damn in future and to commit to use my votes wisely. My friends and colleagues have suitably shamed and encouraged me to start taking democracy seriously.

So, in the words of Methodist, URC and Baptist Church leaders: vote next week, use your vote positively for the values and interests you believe in.


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Dave Perry said...

Great stuff Anna; thanks for pulling this all together.
BTW the new look 'shoreline' header image is really attractive too.