Monday, June 22, 2009

The coolest arts project ever!

My friend and colleague Dave Webster has alerted me to the most fantastic community arts project ever.

You may know Dave from such hits as the Methodist Church website, the President and Vice President's Blog and the online Methodist art collection gallery. But on top of all the spectacular webby things he does for the Methodist Church, he really is a very creative soul. He was telling me the other day about Make a Scene, a project he and his partner Kate are running at the Camberwell Arts festival all this week.

From 20 - 28 June, Kate & Dave are inviting people to come and make a scene somewhere in Camberwell using nothing but items purchased from pound shops. And if you really can't spare the pound, they're giving stuff away free. People are encouraged to photograph their creations and email the pics to with a story or caption, to be featured on the website.

The pics here are their own creations, but there are already some others online. I'm hoping Dave will do a little guest post here after the festival, telling us more about it.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

A lovely long weekend in Guernsey

A couple of weeks ago myself, hubby and some mates skived off work early and flew over to the beautiful Island of Guernsey for the wedding of Claire and Jim (below). It was fab to be with my uni mates again to do a spot of reminiscing and catch up on the latest.

The day before the wedding Brad & Jim decided that it was absolutely essential to do a spot of sand-castle building. Armed with a bucket and spade from the hotel reception (brilliant hotel) they constructed a rather impressive fort, complete with moat, some kind of rope reclaimed from the sea and some scabby bits of crab (boys!). And when that one was washed away? Well, they just started again!

The next day started with kayaking in the bay - a special activity arranged by the bride and groom for the wedding guests. On the way there, one of the blokes remarked that it was a rather cunning ruse to get all the men down to the pub without the women....then he spotted me and I apparently became an honorary man. It was fab. We were told that 'you really shouldn't get wet' and 'it's quite difficult to fall out of a kayak'. Clearly not that difficult. Mind you, it might have had something to do with the man standing on my kayak, trying to get back to his own one.

The wedding in the afternoon was lovely. It was in a beautiful church, the hymns were familiar to many and the message given by the vicar was accessible and touching. Claire and Jim are a wonderful couple and wonderful friends and it was great to share their day.

The evening celebrations were completely fab, with good food, nice wine and cheesy music galore. We danced our socks off and met some really cool people. But none could rival Alice for dancing! A gorgeous girl with some funky moves!

All in all, a very happy weekend!


Playing catch up

The last few weeks have been rather busy to say the least, so over the next day or so I'll be playing blogger catch-up... watch this space!