Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Pop mogul-turned-pastor pledges cash to help firemen in gay row

I love that headline.


I've met this guy and he seems very nice. It's a shame, though, that he quotes the story of Sodom as a scripture against homosexuality. I think even my cat could recognize that this text is not about homosexuality. It's about gang rape and violation of hospitality.

If it is about homosexuality, it's certainly not any form that I would recognise, nor would most people I know.

Isn't it interesting that no one ever seems to comment on the fact that Lot offers his daughters as a substitute. Good old Lot.


Anonymous said...


I agree that Sodom is not about homosexuality in a simplistic sense. However I don't think we can avoid the fact that it is there. Rather I would probably talk about it in the sense of a general break down from God's Law and with that a deteriation in human relationships as specifically marked out by sexual relationships away from the context of loving marriage between onr man and one woman. I would see this then as tying into Romans 1. God's creation purposes are despised. We might find it hard to comprehend but certainly we can't run away from the fact that Lot sees offering his daughters as a lesser evil -that one would need a lot of work on!

Interestingly I thought the chaps use of Sodom as an example was fair enough -whether or not it is specificly about homosexuality. His point seemed to be that minority groups are having an influence on our society -therefore considering Abraham's conversation with God about Sodom, what influence can Christians even as a minority have.

James Church said...

I think whatever their beliefs about homosexuality it is sad that these firemen did not see the need to care for people who are very different from them. I mean even accepting the fact that these people believe homosexuality to be a sin, didn’t Jesus come to save sinners, didn't he spend most of his time with sinners (and other outcasts), and are we not all sinners saved by grace? Still, perhaps there should have been room for these firemen to say they felt uncomfortable with what they had been asked to do- I'm not sure how comfortable I would be about handing out literature in strip club.