Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Day's not got off to a grand start - freezing when I got up and the nightmare journey into work. Oh well, sitting on my butt on the train floor again I had another nice chat with a lady from St Margaret's Church in Rainham. Lovely lady, who was reading a Christian book about 'Growing Leadership'. Not sure I could handle that at 7am, but she seemed to be doing pretty well.

One of my coursework tasks is to review a book on Spirituality and History. Bought the book. Put it by my bed. That was two weeks ago. I couldn't bring myself to read it - my brain's mullered enough already. But last night was a major victory - I read the Preface and two pages of the Introduction - yay me!! The worst bit is always actually starting these things. Now it doesn't feel so scary.



Dave Williams said...

Hi Anna,

Did you catch what the title/author of the growing leadership book is?

Half sorry to hear it was freezing out this morning -but on the other hand hopefully that means the weather is getting back to normal

Anna said...

Hey Dave,

I'm pretty sure it was 'Growing Leadership'! But I can't remember the author - possible Jonathan somebody.