Thursday, October 26, 2006

Feeling in a particularly ranty mood today.

First off, what's all this about Prince Charlie taking on the title 'Defender of Faith'? What does that even mean??? If the Buddhists are having a row with the Christians, who does he defend?

Though I have to say, I'm not particularly fussed that he should be the defender of my faith, thank you very much. That said, it's cool that he wants a multi-faith coronation. I think it should be representative of the people of England.

And another thing, there was a letter in the Daily Mail today (or was it the Express?) by someone who was outraged that the Archibishop of Canterbury had not spoken out to defend the woman who works for BA and has been told she can't wear her cross to work.

Who is he, her father??!! She seems to be doing a pretty good job of defending herself.

Oh, and Naomi Campbell has been arrested for assault again:
Good grief, that woman's going to set a record. Gotta love the T Shirt though.

And, another favourite article for the day, Chris De Burgh proves his miraculous healing powers...

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Dave Williams said...

hurray for rants. Ah Defender of Faiths that's an old comment of his come back again then. As though Faith can be defended! I agree that I wouldn't want him/or need him to defend my faith but why wish him on the poor old buddists aye? Well I'm up for a bit of disestablishment!