Monday, July 05, 2010

I haven't just been watching telly...promise

There are lots of reasons for my sporadic postings on this blog... tiredness, laziness, computer fatigue...

But the one I cite most often (usually to myself, when having the 'must keep blogging' internal dialogue) is work. Working for the Methodist Church in Britain is a joy and a delight, but it also keeps me rather darn busy.

So, just to prove I've not just been sitting on my backside in front of Holby City (okay, I have a bit), here's a taster of what I've been up to over the last couple of weeks.

Methodist Conference is the big event of the year in my work calendar, and on Thursday I returned home from 10 days at this year's Conference in Portsmouth. The Conference was interesting, challenging and hard work.

We inducted our new President and Vice President, elected next year's, celebrated 150 years of Methodist Chaplaincy to the armed forces, talked about reducing the Church's carbon footprint, were blessed by a visit from the Archbishop of Canterbury, discussed whether to boycott goods from illegal Israeli settlements, confirmed plans for a new Methodist hymn collection and agreed to produce advice on cohabitation. (Most of these news releases were written by my brilliant colleague Karen).

Karen also wrote this excellent piece for the Guardian on the Israel Palestine debate.

I offered some reflections on Psalm 131 on the last day of Conference, which you can watch here.

The wonderful Church Mouse invited me to offer a round-up of Conference on his blog, which I rustled up on the way home, and you can read it here.



Mr John Cooper said...

Wow! That is a fast-paced round-up! I'm off to go and take your advice about slowing down and have a soak in the tub.

Well done all the media team - stunning work as ever re Meth Conf

Micky said...

Your reflection was just wonderful Anna - in content and delivery. You are a talented woman.