Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Modern parables for a church tucked up in bed

I love elvis from KORE uk on Vimeo.

As a youth worker, I'm always looking for something a bit different - cool resources that might connect with our youth group on certain issues, inspiring them or encouraging them to think more deeply about something. So, I was chuffed to bits when I received the Kore press release last week.

This is what the Kore crew say about themselves:

In 2006, KORE was founded with a passion for the core of the gospel and the core of who Jesus calls us to be. The vision is to explore the heart and roots of our faith and to discover what the Kingdom of God looks like in our world.

KORE is a place for fresh ideas, new ways to engage and opportunities to join the discussion. Our website provides you with resources to download and use, inviting you to be challenged and inspired. We provide consultation to provoke thought and discussion, helping others to form and develop their own ideas.

KORE is an ever-growing community of people whose conversation and collaborative creativity shape and form what you see here. At our heart you will find a desire to engage with the world around us and a confession to not having all the answers. The journey of KORE is packed full of partnerships with others, both inside and outside the church.

I especially love their video content, which comes from a range of different filmakers around the world. Take some time to check out their Flicks section.

I Love Elvis is produced by the Kore team and can be found in the Shibboleth section - modern parables for a church tucked up in bed.

I'm also excited about what might come out of their new Voices concept. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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