Monday, April 20, 2009

My first sermon

Thanks to all those who prayed for me when I preached my first sermon at our All Age servie at the end of March.

The theme was the Word of God and what it means to speak of Jesus as 'The Word'.

So, here it is. All feedback welcome....

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Mr John Cooper said...

Good sermon anna. Sounded Jam Packed but still precise.

Warm regards


Anna D said...

thanks my dear! was sooo nervous and I think I did try to fit a bit too much in...


Micky said...

Really great Anna - a good level for all age worship (and you were competing with some smaller folk!). "Not a dusty old book and a dead Messiah' is a pretty fantastic phrase!! Keep going - you are brilliant! xx

Anna D said...

thank you! that really means a lot