Friday, November 14, 2008

Sweet irony....

The Paperless Christmas initiative strikes me as rather a good idea. In a virtual world, why all the paper that's only going straight in the bin on boxing day?

While not terribly involved, I've always rather approved of the whole thing. I doubt I'll have the cunning or the motivation to go entirely paperless this year, but it seems like a good thing to aim for.

So, having received the Paperless Christmas email publicity, telling me about the fab new online advent calendar, I was rather surprised to next receive an actual Christmas card from them. Not an e-card, but a physical-comes-in-an-envelope-from-the-postman-type card.

Even better, the card had a little tiny bit of paper inside, with the words:

Less paper
Please send this card to a friend for Christmas

I admit, I'm rather confused....



Alien said...

Hi Anna

Life is full of such irony, I think. I think in this case publicity overcame morality (if it is a moral issue...?)

Katie Barrett said...

Anna! You have a blog!! And I didn't know!!! I will now read it devotedly every day and be very disappointed if there is nothing there! (No pressure) x